This is a development version running Delft3D in real-time. Please contact Theo Baracchini for further information.

Coupling Remote Sensing In Situ and Models (CORESIM)

This is a project funded by ESA.

PI: Damien Bouffard

Inland waters are increasingly facing external pressures. Over the last decades, different research communities have focused on this problem with different approaches and information sources. The current challenge is to couple those sources, consisting of in situ measurements, remote sensing data, hydrodynamic and biological models, in order to provide timely, scientifically credible, and policy-relevant environmental information, in order to assist stakeholders in evidence-based decision-making and sustainable management. The coupling approach envisaged in the CORESIM project implies mutual feedback mechanisms between those three information sources. Model simulations are improved through the assimilation of in situ measurements and remotely sensed products. Remote sensing image processing is improved through parameterization with in situ measurements and predictions by hydrodynamic and biological models. And in situ measurements achieve a better representativeness when carried out along instantaneous gradients known from remotely sensed products and model simulations.


INRA Odermatt & Brockmann

Buchillon mast

The mast located in Buchillon has been recently refurbished by APHYS-EPFL.

For any questions related to the station, please contact Damien Bouffard or Sébastien Lavanchy.

Data assimilation

For any questions related to the model and the data assimilation, please contact Theo Baracchini.

Mast in Buchillon

Meteolakes in the media

Theo Baracchini